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  • Lexy Bouras

Track Review: Shape Pitaki’s New Single “Like An Indian“

Opening with a layered bass/guitar guitar intro, “Like An Indian” makes an intriguing entrance. The first vocals are sure to captivate any audience, as they’re sung slowly, deliberately, and with a echo of 70s psychedelic sound. It’s cool, it’s vintage, and it’s building. Frontman Shane Thompson recounts the story of arriving at a show, only to be surrounded by disinterested and preoccupied concert goers (featuring some creative character voices), where “Something just wasn’t alright” and “Everyone’s on their goddamn phones”. The first verse of this track does an excellent job of setting a scene that’s far too relatable.

The detachment soon turns into aggravation, as the track suddenly shifts gears into beating drums and blaring guitars sure to make your heart pound with excitement. Drummer Mike Wilson and guitarist Greg Johnson take this interlude to the next level, really making it feel like a wake up call, a rock ‘n roll alarm that forces you to listen. This descent into madness is controlled, just enough so you can get back in. The noise drops as quickly as it began, and we’re back to a dreamy state of mind featuring more of the slow build and echoing vocals. This track is encompassing, it takes up all the space it’s given, and it’s definitely music you can get lost in.

There’s a undulating undertone to this song, with a nice contrast between the hazy verses and intense build to the chorus. From 70s rock vocals to a 90s grunge attitude, this track transcends decades. This delightful medley of different tempos and genres, and the fervent, aggravated, “too cool to care about them” lyrics, dismiss those who can’t find the raw energy in music as insipid and uninspired. It’s Nirvana’s spirit with Led Zeppelin's energy (and ability to transition between calm and zealous), yet it’s something all its own.

While continuing to explore their sound, Shape Pitaki takes inspiration from the past and molds it into something unique that could have only come from this point in time. This chameleon band has dabbled in punk, all sorts of rock, and even a little country, but right now they’ve just put out a track that’s a blend of the most iconic music from the last few decades, and it’s here to deliver a message. This is not an anthem, or a party song, it’s a call to action. “Like An Indian” is here to remind you that good music is always out there waiting to be found, and that it definitely takes a special type of person to appreciate it. If they can’t get with it, we need to get over them. Rock ‘n roll is not dead, Punk is not dead, Grunge is not dead. And if it’s getting a little quiet, go shake things up “Like An Indian” style. That’ll get the noise going!

Listen to “Like An Indian” on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Amazon… basically all streaming platforms!

To find out more about the band or check out their upcoming gigs, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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