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  • Lexy Bouras

7 things you should know about I Don’t Know How’s East Coast Content Tour

I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (shortened to idkhow, which can now be conveniently read in an inside voice!) are a forgotten rock group from a time not so long ago. Believed to have originally started somewhere between the 1970s-80s, their content has recently resurfaced to growing popularity. Made up of two members, which bear a striking resemblance to former Panic! At The Disco member Dallon Weekes and former Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman, idkhow has created an alternative rock sound influenced by the synths and catchy beats of the 1980s.

Although their album has yet to be released, tracks like “Choke”, “Modern Day Cain”, and “Nobody Likes The Opening Band” have been gathering attention on YouTube and Spotify, creating a rapidly-growing fanbase for this band lost in time. Thanks to demand, the floral-shirt-under-glitter-jacket wearing musicians embarked on their Content Tour this year, starting off with a few intimate West Coast shows during the Spring, and now moving over to the East Coast leg starting June 3rd.

Although the band frequently denies their existence, Us For Once was lucky enough to find these lost boys for a wonderful show in Santa Ana’s Constellation Room back in April. For those of you on the East Coast that have shows coming up, we’ve compiled seven tour tips so you can experience the best idkhow Content!

  1. idkhow shows are still being held at small venues. Their shows are general admission, which means you will have to wait in line before entering. The earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the stage (don’t worry about getting barricade, as these shows are so small there usually is no barricade- just the stage and the audience!). Be sure to stay hydrated and remember to eat, and don’t be afraid to make friends! Because…

  2. Depending on how dedicated you are, you will potentially be standing in line for hours. Branching out and talking to the people around you will make great memories, make time pass quicker, and create a support system. Need to run to the bathroom or to pick up your Uber Eats delivered to the other side of the venue? Your friends in line have got you covered. Also, there’s just cool people at idkhow shows. You will meet Panic! Fans, you will meet Falling In Reverse fans, you will meet people who have loved this band for a few years and you will meet people who just found out about them yesterday. idkhow is just starting up, which means that their crowd is a very interesting bunch of humans with vastly different musical backgrounds. Talk to them!

  3. Once you do get past the venue doors and into the space, take a second to breathe it all in. idkhow is growing incredibly fast, and the odds that you will ever be that up close and personal to their high profile member decreases with every passing day. The Content Tour is an exciting and unique opportunity, and you’re there! You get to have that experience, enjoy it!

  4. Take note, Dallon and Ryan have amazing crowd control. If you’ve seen either of them live before with their respective former bands, be prepared to have your mind blown. Dallon’s vocals, energy, and charisma make him an incredible showman, and beneath Ryan’s neon hair and smiley exterior is an insanely talented instrumentalist. Don’t be surprised if you find Dallon giving your crowd impromptu vocal lessons while Ryan plays bass and guitar at the same time. Prepare to be wowed, these guys know how to put on a show!

  5. Because idkhow only has a few songs officially out, a majority of their set will be unreleased tracks (like “Social Climb” and “Door”, live versions of which can be found on Youtube) and covers. Don’t sweat it if you don’t know the words. Even if you can’t sing along to everything, the music is still wonderful and it’s a very fun environment. There’s so much to take in that no one will even notice or judge you for it.

  6. Dallon and Ryan have called their fans their family, and it’s absolutely true. The energy of an idkhow show is fun and loving. You will be able to shout, talk, and interact, as idkhow loves taking breaks to chat and listens and responds to audience members. Although there is still some form of artist/audience barrier, these shows are extremely intimate. Some fan questions will be asked and answered, gifts will be passed up and received, laughs will be shared, and the guys will most likely jump off stage and into the tiny crowd to sing a few acapella songs with you (heads up!).

  7. Lucky number seven is not a guarantee, but Dallon and Ryan frequently come outside the venue after the show to talk to fans and take pictures. There’s no exact time, and it doesn’t happen after every show, but feel free to stick around for a bit afterwards. Who knows? They might stop by to say hello!

In closing, Us For Once knows you have a choice in selecting live music. We hope that this article leads you to consider idkhow’s Content Tour for your next concert experience. Information and tickets for all dates are still available at a low low price on the band’s website, and if you decide to stop by a date, we hope you have the best of times with this band lost in time!

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