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  • Lexy Bouras

Corey Durkin: A Brief Introduction To The Singer Songwriter Who’s Full Of Suprises

Life is nothing more than a series of moments that piece themselves together to create our own individual journeys. Us For Once was created on the basis of music to capture incredible moments that take our breath away and inspire you to make your own.

On that note, here’s a story for you. Corey Durkin, an artist, entrepreneur, creative mind, and hilarious conversationalist. Even from a very young age, Durkin had a plan that looked beyond just what his hometown of Connecticut could offer, recalling that “At 15 years old, I sat my father down and I showed him an 89 slide powerpoint presentation to convince him to let me leave high school; at the time I wanted to make a record, tour the country, and become a full-time musician”. This presentation was just the start of Durkin’s fascinating story and career path, which indeed lead him to create and share music, as well as venture into the world of marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. While juggling all of his interests and business endeavors, Durkin never lost sight of the music, his true passion and what started it all. Now, with a few albums under his belt, his most recent single “Rest My Bones” out now, and release dates for a new EP and album set for later on this year, Durkin’s working hard as ever to keep the catchy folk rock coffee shop soundtracks coming!

Corey Durkin is an engaging character, an interesting type of person you can’t help but want to speak to, whose personality is sure to win you over and put a smile on your face; and his music reflects that. For instance, “Beautiful” is an upbeat song about watching someone you love unconditionally grow up and keeping that optimism in the world. This track, paired with it’s adorable music video featuring Durkin’s real life little cousin is sure to put a smile on your face! “Believe In Me” and “Holly” are two other tracks we’d like to feature because they showcase Durkin’s talent for crafting simple, quick tempoed, and uplifting folky tunes. Durkin’s music is a treat to listen to, but beyond that, it’s real. Real emotions and passion and stories to tell: there’s nothing manufactured or unauthentic about it, and that’s what makes it feel so special and like the perfect soundtrack to a lovely summer day.

Durkin gives us something to smile about with his unlikely (interesting!) origin story and the music he shares with the world. With an acoustic guitar and a vibrant personality in his back pocket, we’re positive that Corey Durkin will continue to create and charm the music scene, as well as continue to prove that in life, you write your own story, and you can fill the pages of you book however you want.

Want to hear more? Durkin’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, and his website. He also has an Instagram account where you can find updates and occasional funny captions.

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