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  • Taylor Dietrich

Taylor’s Guide To Weezer and Making It To A Concert Right After Your Shift

Going to concerts frequently is obviously the ideal way of living. But between tickets, merch, parking, and food, that money has to come from somewhere. Let’s talk about something most people do but never discuss. The glory of leaving work to go straight to a concert. Whether you are literally getting in your car after that last shift or you have just a bit of time to go home and get changed, there is definitely a way to organize your scattered thoughts.

Step One: Pack a bag. Perhaps step one should actually be checking the bag rules for the venue you'll be attending. Once you know your boundaries, packing a bag could mean anything from a little lanyard to a whole purse. Or if you're me, a mini backpack adorned with Guardians of the Galaxy pins and a button that reads 'More Emo Than 2007 Pete Wentz.' Whatever it may be, make sure you put everything you'll need for the concert in it including your money, ID, water bottle, phone charger, and tickets. Tickets, tickets, tickets! Leave that bag in a spot where you won't forget it and sleep well that night. no need to run through that list in your head over and over again. Step Two: Load everything you'll need into your car. That bag you just packed? Make sure it is in your car the next morning so you don't have to turn back once you're halfway to your place of work. Trust me, I've been there. If you plan on changing your outfit somewhere after your shift, make sure you get that in there as well. This way, you also get a glimpse of what it's like to be a band member yourself. Living out of your car, not stopping between destinations, and sacrificing a hot shower to get to the music gig. Glamorous. With everything all ready to go in your vehicle, there should be no reason to zone out during your shift as you wonder whether or not you forgot anything this morning. Step Three: Please, for the love of Rivers Cuomo, do not speed. So you went to work and finished your shift. You've got everything you need and you're ready to go straight to that concert. No matter how late you think you're going to be, nothing is worth getting in an accident for. It may be tempting, but do not floor it the entire way there. I can assure you that you are not the only one who will be showing up late and you will definitely make it in time for the main act. Just like the way Rivers got into a boat and drifted slowly through the crowd in the middle of the show, take your time. Missing a song or two is better than missing them all. Step Four: Enjoy the show. Get some coffee if you have to. Going to shows is exhausting in itself. There is so much room for things like dehydration and fatigue. With work on top of that all in one day, it can be a lot. But at least you made it. Take the time to enjoy it because it's what you deserve.

And if you're also specifically seeing Weezer, get ready for a show. growing up listening to the band almost religiously, I still don't think I ever truly believed I'd be seeing 'My Name Is Jonas' live one day. Somehow, Cuomo and company made it feel like I was watching a small band play a show straight out of their garage, even though I was surrounded by thousands of other people. Whether it be the fact that the stage setup was literally meant to look like a garage, the down-to-earth attitudes of the band members, or the songs that reminded me of our pasts, something about the huge production felt so personal. I almost forgot I was watching a very famous band play in front of me. For a night, Rivers and I were good friends and he was letting me listen to the songs that he wrote. Some highlights were 'Buddy Holly' which served as the opening song with bursts of confetti, 'Feels Like Summer' which had an incredible amount of energy from both the band and the crowd, and their cover of 'Africa' by Toto which had the whole arena harmonizing. As soon as I left that waterfront pavilion, I missed Weezer already. I wish I could look around at an arena full of people of all ages holding up their hands in a 'W' shape every night. Don't miss Weezer on their co-headline tour with the Pixies. If you need one more push to buy those tickets, especially because you have work that day, let my words serve as just that.

Tour dates can be found on Bandsintown and their website!

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