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  • Carly May

Concert Photography & Event Review: The Mowgli’s // Granada Theater 3.1.19

Though The Mowgli’s have an impressive indie pop discography, it takes seeing them live to fully get the appeal. These guys bring the enthusiasm in droves. It’s not every day you get to see a band that is still so visibly psyched to be performing even after years of touring. There’s not a hint of cynicism in their set. It’s just pure joy.

That kind of energy is infectious. The entire crowd was turning up to the effervescent stylings of The Mowgli’s. I saw teenagers dancing. I saw their mom’s dancing. I caught a bartender busting a move. It’s fun music and they’re obviously having just as good a time playing it as we are listening to it.

There’s still plenty of dates left in their Making Friends Tour with Jukebox the Ghost (a solid pairing, by the way) so do yourself a favor and go see them.

To discover more, and for live updates on these guys, check out their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and website!

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