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  • Carly May

Concert Photography & Event Review: Carlie Hanson // House Of Blues Dallas 4.6.19

The role of teen pop star has evolved significantly over the years. In the nineties, you had big, in-your-face idols like Britney Spears and in the early 2010s you had the cool, collected, and wise beyond their years performers like Lorde. Somewhere in the middle falls eighteen-year-old Carlie Hanson, who’s currently supporting the Bad Suns tour. Her sound fits easily into the current pop landscape while maintaining a personal feel to it. She writes her own songs and every lyric she sings aches with the heightened emotion of being a teen while having the maturity to appeal to an older audience. As far as the performance goes, she’s a natural on stage, dancing and dragging the mic stand around like a seasoned veteran. This may well be the last time she opens for anyone as she’s got the poise and songwriting chops to develop a devoted fan base.

Go see her and Bad Suns on the Mystic Truth tour while you can!

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