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  • Taylor Dietrich

Concert Photography & Event Review: Frank Iero // Asbury Lanes 6.28.19

There’s a reason Frank Iero is one of our favorite artists to see live. The raw passion and energy he puts into every note of his recorded songs carry over incredibly to his live performances. Every single night he gets on that stage, he plays as if his life depends on it. And considering his dedication to music throughout life, in a roundabout way, that might just be the case. His fans can easily reciprocate that feeling, creating an electrifying environment at his concerts.

Frank is currently on tour with his band, the Future Violents, following the release of their new record, Barriers. Before heading towards the west coast for their second leg of tour, Frank was welcomed home to New Jersey for a show in the historical venue of Asbury Lanes on June 28th, which doubles as a bowling alley at the same time. Having attended Frank Iero shows in many different states, it is safe to say there is nothing quite like seeing him at a show in New Jersey. The songs are louder, the spirit is higher, and the pits are bigger. This show started with an exciting opening set from Geoff Rickly of the popular post-hardcore band, Thursday (whose drummer is now also in the Future Violents!). From family and friends to new faces and first-timers, everyone in that bowling alley showed up to make sure it would go down as the best night of the Barriers Tour. With a long set and a smile of his face, so did Frank. The upbeat tune of his new track, “Moto Pop,” lived in harmony with the more mellow classic, “I’ll Let You Down,” creating a setlist that not only pulled from each of Frank’s solo albums but also showcased the entire band’s diverse musical talents.

The Future Violents is Frank Iero, Evan Nestor, Matt Armstrong, Kayleigh Goldsworthy, and Tucker Rule. More information and tickets to their upcoming west coast shows (including Mountain View Warped this weekend!) can be found here. This is one show you’ll be kicking yourself over missing.

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