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  • Megan Courtney

Album Review: “Kings of The New Age” (State Champs were right, they’re ‘Here to Stay’)

Long-awaited since the release of Living Proof back in summer 2018, State Champs have finally given us the gift of their new album, Kings of The New Age.

When the guys said that the best State Champs album comes out on May 13, they were absolutely right. This is the album that’s going to be spinning over and over again all summer. In the world we are living in at the moment, this album was more than needed by pop punk fans all over the world. With everything going on over the last two years, it was hard for most of us to find a sense of normalcy and inner peace, but within the first few seconds of the opening track ‘Here to Stay,’ fans everywhere were reassured that the Champs boys are not going anywhere.

The infectious summer vibes that the song gives off make it a perfect opening song for any tour on the band’s setlist, and to continue the fun, the next song, ‘Everybody But You’, features an appearance from Neck Deep frontman Ben Barlow. Combine both this song on full volume with two of the most recognizable names in pop punk history, and nothing will go wrong this summer. The phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” becomes true with the song “Fake It,” which could very well easily be everyone’s new anthem as a simple reminder to keep pushing forward no matter how hard things seem (and let’s be honest, the world’s not getting any better).

While the band seems to be leaving behind their sound in The Finer Things and building a new one that will define pop punk in 2022 and years to come, there’s one thing that we can all agree on, and that’s as the weather gets hotter and the summer nights approach us, this album was made to blare on late night drives, barbecues, casual hangouts, and just about every summer event you can think of. Crisp, clean and effortlessly good hits such as “Everybody But You,” “Eventually,” and “Act Like That,” confirm that State Champs are the kings of pop punk and will easily be everybody’s new favorite band, if they aren’t already.

No matter what you’re doing this summer, whether that be at the pool, at the gym, or even working on the weekend, grab yourself a drink, turn the volume up high and soak in everything that is Kings of The New Age. Within no time, the songs will be stuck in your head. You can thank me later.

Kings of The New Age is available on all streaming platforms now! Also don't forget to check out Champs on Twitter and Instagram!


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