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  • Sara Rosenthal

Concert Photography & Review: BoyWith Uke, Naethan Apollo // SOMA San Diego 4.6.24

All Photos by Sara Rosenthal

BoyWithUke stopped by SOMA San Diego last week on his nearly sold-out Lucid Dreams tour with support from Naethan Apollo. Audiences of all ages spent their Saturday night rocking out. When BoyWithUke hit the stage, the excitement was at a fever pitch. The crowd jumped and sang along once the first "Lucid (interlude)" chords rang out.

BoyWithUke usually performs with an LCD mask on; however, halfway through the set, he removed his mask and hoodie and performed without a shirt and anything covering his face. He seemed relieved that he "could now see everyone with his own eyes." He also went "fishing for fans" and brought a fan to the stage with a fishing rod for a chat and a selfie.

The most memorable point in the set came during the song "King of Nothing." A mannequin appeared on stage, looking like BoyWithUke, complete with an LCD mask. He then brought out a sledgehammer and destroyed the mannequin, sending the LCD mask flying. He was letting go of that old BoyWithUke persona and creating a new path forward without the mask.

BoyWithUke is a dynamic performer, and you should not miss this Lucid Dreams tour. Check out his social media for upcoming tour dates and new music.


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