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  • Lexy Bouras

Track Review: De’Wayne Jackson kickstarts year with hip hop manifesto “Let It Bang“

A smooth intro of soft horns blend in with lightly computerized vocals to start off “Let It Bang”. However, the calm R&B vibe doesn’t last for long as De’Wayne Jackson dropkicks into the verses just seconds into his first release of 2019. Although first impressions from the title and intro can easily be misconstrued as it simply being another good (but ultimately forgettable) rap track, as the beat drops, Jackson switches gears, going into “See the killing from the timeline/It never change, never change/This the life that we live now/Bodies carried out the school zone/Camera zoom in/While the mama cry”. These heavy words, depicting equally weighted social issues in today’s America, hit hard. If Jackson has a trademark already, it’s the art of embedding important messages in his already hype beats, turning what appears to be just another party banger into powerful social commentary that people will actually enjoy paying attention to. Jackson continues to speak on these issues throughout the song, bringing up how indifferent we’ve become to gun violence and injustice in America (specifically during this administration), and the reality that all too often, we feel powerless to do anything about it. But here’s the thing: by putting something like “Let It Bang” out, Jackson is helping us take back our power. Look past the beat and the vocals and all the musical technicalities to see that this track is a story- Jackson’s own, one that he’s sharing with us and allowing us to find our own truth in. “Let It Bang” is not quite a call to action, but a wake up call. When the chorus echoes “Look at the mess you’ve made”, listeners realize they’re all mixed in with the mess; they play a part in it too, and being aware of these issues prepares them to create the change that needs to happen. “Let It Bang” showcases Jackson’s intelligence, creativity, and passion. While he’s working on delivering a moving message, he’s also securing his footing on on the line between inspiration and imitation. While “Let It Bang” rings similar to tracks like Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, Jackson has tuned into what’s worked while clearly making the story and the purpose his own, making it feel incredibly fresh. If you hadn’t heard of De’Wayne Jackson before now, get ready. His energy and dedication is insane, and 2019 is his year to bring electrifying music, honest heart, and impactful storytelling to everyone who’s open minded enough to listen.

For more on De’Wayne Jackson, check out our exclusive interview with him here! For updates and to be the first to know about his new releases, stay up to date on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @idewaynejackson!

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