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  • Carly May

Concert Photography & Event Review: You Me At Six // Granada Theater 3.14.19

British pop punk band You Me At Six are bringing their A-game their current tour and nowhere was that more apparent than at the Granada Theater in Dallas this past Thursday. Lead by powerhouse vocalist Josh Franceschi, an atomic bomb of stage presence and personality, these guys pulled out all the stops to prove to their Dallas-Fort Worth fans that not everything’s bigger in Texas.

Going into the show unfamiliar with their reputation, I got a glimpse of how cool they were when I caught Franceschi chilling in the audience during Dreamers’ opening set. This carefree attitude translated to his performance onstage, most of which was spent dancing like Ellen DeGeneres (if Ellen DeGeneres was better at dancing). During the set, the band displayed a career’s worth of versatility, from the teen angst ridden guitar riffs of their early years to the slick, commercially friendly work of their latest release. Hearing these songs played side by side was like watching the band come into their own, an experience I missed as someone who didn’t get into them until recently.

You Me At Six just wrapped up the US portion of their tour, but are about to kick off the Australian and UK legs. If you’re able to score some tickets, I’d highly recommend doing so.

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