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  • Taylor Dietrich

Concert Photography & Event Review: Citizen // Union Transfer 5.17.19

On May 10, the band Citizen embarked upon a co-headlining tour with fellow midwest rockers Knuckle Puck. Completing that lineup as the opening bands are Oso Oso and Hunny. From start to finish, it’s a lineup like no other, evoking sing-a-longs, crowd surfing, and mosh pits in cities all across the US. Fans of Citizen are nothing short of loyal, arriving in line hours before doors and holding their own against barricade for even longer, just waiting to hear that first note of one of their favorite songs. It’s safe to say they get to walk away from the shows in each of their respective cities feeling as if everything was completely worth it. Citizen is a band that does not simply perform their songs on stage; they make them come to life by creating a cohesively immersive production. Moody lighting, moments of silence, and frequent crowd interactions make for some of the most enthusiastic fan reactions overall. From barricade to mosh pit, fans can be seen absolutely losing themselves during a Citizen set- leaving every worry behind and living in the moment. The epitome of live music occurs when the members of a band feel the same way the crowd does. And from the smiles on the face of their lead singer, Mat Kerekes, in between songs, it seems that epitome is reached night after night on this Citizen tour.

This 2019 USA tour is not one to be missed. From the mellow tones of Oso Oso and the bright attitude of Hunny to the unforgettable energy of Knuckle Puck, topped off by the remarkable intensity of Citizen, there’s something for every lover of pop-punk or rock. Both Knuckle Puck and Citizen have stated that it will be their last USA tours for quite some time, so catch them while you can. Check out the dates and get your tickets at!

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