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  • Rhiannon Leigh

Courtney Noe brings the boldness with new single, “Woman on the Prowl“

Back with her brand new single “Woman on the Prowl”, the devilishly confident, Oregon-raised Courtney Noe continues to flawlessly express herself as a transparent, body-positive, sex-driven artist. As the lyrics state, Courtney ‘knows what she wants and she has no doubts’, and that has always been apparent in her music since her official debut in 2016.

“Woman on the Prowl” opens as Courtney enters a bar with only one thing on her mind: taking somebody home. She is dressed provocatively with a drink in hand to truly feel herself. All she needs is her chosen stud, no matter who he is outside of the bar. The song itself exhibits a self-assured sex appeal and the narrative of modern-day dating, all from an empowered female perspective.

When compared to her previous works, “Woman on the Prowl” displays Courtney’s talent like never before. Since her first EP Invisible Crown (2016), she has developed a more elaborate sound by incorporating guitar and drum parts to her once R&B/Pop vibe. On top of a refined production style, Courtney’s vocals have also matured since her debut, showing her diligent effort to perfect her art. Her all-around improvement has produced a solid first single off her brand new EP Bad Attitude, set to release mid-September this year, so keep Courtney Noe on your radar.

You can follow Courtney across social medias at @knowcourtneynoe and learn more about her in an upcoming piece where we speak one on one with the singer herself. Stay tuned!

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