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  • Lexy Bouras

Track Review: Rising pop artist Jena Rose releases devilish new single, “Mad Man“

Photo courtesy of Hello PR

After an eventful 2018 (which included releasing an EP, hitting the Billboard Dance Chart, and touring the country with Echosmith), 18-year-old pop artist Jena Rose is back this with a brand new single, “Mad Man”. An indie-pop track about losing your inhibitions while in love with a devilish charmer (the type you know you’re not supposed to love, but just can’t resist), “Mad Man” starts off with synths and snaps that nicely roll into Rose’s silky voice. Layered lyrics and pre-chorus harmonies start to build as Rose starts to fall, allowing herself to get lost in the mess of this person. Everything shoots back up in the punchy chorus, proving “Mad Man” to be the type of pop that delivers. Jena Rose presents her bad situation with style, making for a track that’s lighthearted and catchy at the surface, but tells a story listeners can all relate with. Rose also uses slight religious imagery (“Hot as hell but feels like heaven / Got me like oh my god”) to emphasize her wicked circumstances, as well as adding some nice drama overall. Another highlight of this track is it’s strong EDM inspired backbeats throughout. While Rose’s vocals calm down for a little bit in the bridge, the beats never do, and carry the song into its final energetic chorus. “Mad Man” is carefully crafted and controlled chaos. With the right mix of production and lyrical honesty, Jena Rose delivers an irresistible breed of indie-pop that’s sure to be stuck in your head all summer long.

Listen to “Mad Man” on all streaming platforms, or catch it live as Jena Rose finishes up her West Coast run on Aly and AJ’s Sanctuary Tour! To keep up with Jena Rose, be sure to follow her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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