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  • Angela Leung

Concert Photography & Event Review: Frank Iero // Rocks Off Cruise 6.22.19

On June 22nd, a large group of people were enthusiastically lined up to board the boat at Pier 36. You might assume they were there to enjoy the beautiful New York City scenery (which might be partially true) but Rocks Off Cruise was booked that day for a special performance from Frank Iero and the Future Violents in support of his new album, Barriers. The fans’ cheers can be heard throughout all the decks as Frank stepped on stage kicking off the setlist with the song “Moto Pop.” Besides the ones from Barriers, some notable hits on the setlist included “I’m a Mess,” “World Destroyer” and “Joyriding” from his previous albums Parachutes and Stomachaches. From Frank’s stage presence to all the moshers, the energy was enough to tip the boat of its edge. Halfway through the set, Frank took the time to dedicate the song “Best Friends Forever” to his daughter Lily, a song where she took part in the writing process. He especially made the crowd scream as loud as they could so she could hear them all the way from Jersey. It was a moment worth remembering as the crowd brought in a collective “awwww” when he talked about how talented his daughter is. As Frank closed out with the head-bobbing tune “Oceans,” fans were seen smiling and talking about the show throughout the rest of the boat ride. Frank Iero will be bringing the rest of his tour dates to various cities throughout the summer. Make sure to check out a show near you here. You would not want to miss it!

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