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  • Taylor Dietrich

Concert Photography & Event Review: Belmont // Starland Ballroom 1.30.20

If you haven’t heard of Belmont by now, we’d have to ask where you’ve been for the past couple of months. After touring with Grayscale on Part 1 of the Nella Vita Tour last year, this Chicago born band has now hit the road with Sleeping With Sirens on the Medicine Tour, which began in early January. With that original pop punk sound that's so hard to find these days paired with an enigmatic stage presence that captures the ears of those who have never even heard of them, it’s no surprise the Belmont boys are on the rise in the scene. Walking around Starland Ballroom on January 30th, I encountered an array of Belmont shirts and sidebags and helped lift countless crowdsurfers throughout the span of their opener-length seven song setlist. For those music enthusiasts who like to be ahead of the game, I would highly recommend Belmont to anyone with ears, as they obviously have what it takes to make it in this genre and beyond. The rise of Belmont is on it’s way in 2020 and that became apparent last week in Sayreville, their lyrics being shouted from wall to wall. The energy and passion they brought to the Medicine Tour can only grow and become more powerful, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them.

Keep up with them on Twitter, Instagram, and their official website!

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