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  • Taylor Dietrich

Artist Spotlight: Salt Ashes drops new EP ’counting crosses’

While many of us may find comfort in sticking to just one or two genres of music, there is nothing like cleansing your palate with something new. Here at Us For Once, we are always searching for unique music that will inspire us and change our perspective of certain genres, so we could not be more excited about pop singer Salt Ashes and her new EP ‘counting crosses' Real name Veiga Sanchez, Salt Ashes is a synth-pop princess coining her own sound with confidence. The connotations around this genre of music usually include upbeat, club sounds. However, in ‘counting crosses,’ dark melodies, brooding choruses, and meditative lyrics take that electronic sound and reinvent it entirely. During my first listen, I was taken back to the days of Halsey’s ‘Badlands,’ in which alt-pop was introduced to a powerful, witchy woman and the enchantment of her talent. It is no wonder why big names such as Billboard, MTV, and The Guardian have been buzzing about Salt Ashes. Spotify has even added some of her tracks to playlists such as NFM (UK) and The Pop List. My personal favorite on the EP is “rara” but I could make a case for favoring any of the songs in this collection. With a drive and signature sound such as this, Salt Ashes is on the brink of making it big. Head over to her Spotify now and let this music rock the world of synth-pop as you know it.

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