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  • Sara Rosenthal

Concert Photography & Event Review: The XOXO Tour // House of Blues San Diego 4.21.22


In between COVID, artist’s precautionary touring schedules, and life getting in the way, I have not attended a concert in about two years. On Thursday, at the House of Blues San Diego, The Maine broke that pattern with their invigorating XOXO Tour.

Even though it was a weeknight, Charlotte Sands kicked off the show with a bang. Her bright blue hair going wild, her high energy and addicting lyrics had everyone jumping and singing along. She brought Kelly Clarkson-esque pop power when performing songs like “Keep Me Up All Night”, and an eclectic mix of sounds and genres collided perfectly in her setlist. Keep an eye on this rising pop princess… she’s coming for the crown.

The party kicked into another gear with the Happy Fits. I have never seen a rock show with a cello before, but it somehow worked perfectly! Even with this large cello, frontman Calvin Langman was jumping and moving all over the stage. This trio had tons of energy and great interactions with the audience. They definitely raised the vibrations to the next level.

By the time The Maine hit the stage, the energy was at a fever pitch. They pulled out all the stops to create an experience complete with flashy lights and an extravagant stage setup. The light–up cowboy hats were plentiful and sprinkled throughout the crowd. They played a multitude of songs that were newer like “Sticky” and “Taxi”, and some well-known oldies like “We All Roll Along” and “Am I Pretty?”. They also brought out Charlotte Sands to sing their newest song “Loved You A Little”.

Overall, the XOXO tour was a great way to kick off my return to concert photography and concerts after a long hiatus!


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