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  • Sara Rosenthal

Concert Photography & Review: Sleeping With Sirens, True North // HOB Voodoo Room, San Diego10.19.22

Photographed by Sara Rosenthal

There's nothing like spending time with one of your favorite bands and about 200 of your closest friends. The Voodoo Room at the San Diego House of Blues is one of the smallest stages I've ever photographed or been to. In fact, it seemed that the size of the room only made the show more interesting as there was more room for fan interaction.

This is True North's first US tour, but they showed no signs of nervousness on stage. They used every inch of the small stage to create a fun and energetic atmosphere that had the entire crowd jumping.

By the time Sleeping With Sirens hit the stage, the crowd was hyped! They opened with a bunch of oldies like "Kick Me" and "Better Off Dead". They also played several songs from their newest album Complete Collapse ("Bloody Knuckles" & "Crosses"), and they even had an acoustic set which had the entire crowd singing along.

This was a great way to start off their new touring cycle! Check out Complete Collapse!

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